Brand Guidelines


Imigap's brand is a beacon of innovation in the digital realm. This guide is crafted to ensure consistent and respectful use of our brand assets across all platforms.


Logo Usage:

Our logo is the embodiment of our commitment to transformative digital solutions.


Gradient Logo: Reflects our vibrant and innovative spirit; RGB (106, 122, 246) to RGB (224, 92, 200), CMYK (76, 58, 0, 0) to CMYK (0, 89, 0, 0).

Black Logo: For single-color applications; CMYK (0, 0, 0, 100).

White Logo: Best for dark backgrounds; CMYK (0, 0, 0, 0).


Proportions and Alignment:

The logo's proportions must be maintained without alteration. It should remain unboxed and horizontally aligned.


Naming Guidelines:

In all formal documents and legal agreements, the company should be addressed as "Imigap (Pvt) Ltd" to align with our official registration and legal standing.

In text, our name can be represented as 'Imigap', 'Imigap (Pvt) Ltd', or 'Imigap Ltd'.


'Software that drives you forward' encapsulates our mission and is displayed using the 'SF Pro Display' font.



Our imagery is a testament to innovation and progress, requiring high-resolution and alignment with the Imigap ethos.


Contact Information:

For any inquiries regarding the use of our brand assets, please contact 


Legal Notice:

The brand assets provided are for the sole use of Imigap (Pvt) Ltd and must not be altered. In legal agreements and matters, the company should be addressed as "Imigap (Pvt) Ltd." Unauthorized use, alteration, or modification is strictly prohibited.