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What's New - LK's first AI generated Gov Web

The platform facilitates robust discussion and serves as a repository for legal proposals by young professionals, fostering a community keen on guiding Sri Lanka’s legislative evolution. It also includes a competitive feature to encourage and recognize the best ideas that could pave the way for a new legal era in the country.

Presidential Secretariat of Sri Lanka
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Digital Marketing


Swype.lk is reinventing digital marketing with a dynamic platform that engages users via QR codes in public spaces such as airports. This system invites interaction with a simple swipe through a series of enticing deals and offers. It's a leap forward in advertising efficiency, giving advertisers a robust tool to capture leads and deliver real-time promotions, including special hotel discounts, seamlessly connecting the physical and digital realms of consumer engagement.

Richardson Outdoor Advertising (Pvt) Ltd
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Business Solutions

My Disney Transfer

MyDisneyTransfer redefines the Disneyland Paris experience with a comprehensive tour planning platform. From the moment of booking your flight, this sophisticated system offers seamless end-to-end scheduling, including a variety of vehicle options and essential travel insights. Its user-friendly interface, complete with coupon and payment integrations, ensures every aspect of your magical journey is effortlessly organized and personalized, even before setting foot in France.

My Disney Transfer Services
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Business Solutions

Lighting Digital

Imigap is at the forefront of Sri Lanka's digital transformation as the service provider for the National Gateway project 'Lighting Digital,' initiated by the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka. This landmark initiative serves as a central hub linking education, government, and citizen sectors. A pivotal part of this journey is the 'D4S - Devices for Students' project, a compassionate response during the pandemic era. D4S enabled global donors to contribute digital devices to Sri Lankan students in rural areas, thereby bridging the digital divide and promoting e-learning. This project exemplifies our commitment to using technology for societal progress and educational empowerment.

ICT Agency Sri Lanka (Goverment)
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Nerdowallet revolutionizes crypto exchanges by enabling easy transactions between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, particularly in regions with limited direct crypto access. This user-friendly platform, available as both web and mobile applications, offers a suite of financial services including investing and transferring funds. It's bolstered by automated notifications and a high-capacity admin panel, with a strong emphasis on transaction security, embodying Imigap's dedication to secure and accessible financial technology

New World Innovation LLC
UAE πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ͺ
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AI - Artificial Intelligence

AI Forest Watch

Forest Watch Sri Lanka is an advanced AI-driven monitoring system, designed to detect and analyze deforestation activities using satellite imagery. It scans forests every 24 hours, identifying human-induced changes while distinguishing them from natural variations. The system not only provides instant notifications and detailed reports on affected areas but also serves as a crucial tool for government and environmental agencies to combat illegal deforestation and preserve Sri Lanka's natural heritage

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